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We will assist you to create a commanding story and awe-inspiring corporate event experience that mesmerizes your audience and provides you with quantifiable results. Our process is constructed to plan, promote your event. The cost of hosting an event in a party tent is usually significantly less than what it would cost to hold it in a building. While this is certainly a welcome benefit by anyone hosting an event, it’s rarely ever the primary motivating reason. Still, it’s a valid one—particularly for events with a tight budget.

Reasons To Rent A Tent

Shelter from the wet drippy stuff. If it rains the day of your event, you have two choices: 1) Put everyone into your house or 2) Cancel. Ah, but if you rented a tent you could go ahead and have everyone over. Renting a tent is like buying insurance for your party. Whether the weather cooperates or not, you’re ready.

Shelter from the elements. Let’s say you luck out and have a perfect, sunny day for your event. That’s great, but sitting in the sun can get uncomfortable really quickly. Your guests will end up in your house just to get out of the sun. A tent provides welcome relief from the harsh rays of the sun. If you’re planning a summer event, it’s also a good idea to rent a pedestal fan or two to keep air circulating under the tent.

Keeps food safe. A tent helps keep birds and flying insects from dropping in on your food. It’s also helpful to keep your cooler and perishables in the shade. Although you can’t put your grill under a tent, you can position it a few feet away outside the tent. It’s not like you have to stand over it constantly anyway.

Amazing Ambiance. A tent creates a unique and appealing ambiance, one which can be easily enhanced with the addition of lighting and decorations. Just putting a string of those small, white holiday lights around the frame of a tent creates a festive glow. Candles on tables is another great way to create an ambiance under your tent.

Tents keep your party together. A tent provides a focal point for your party or event. Instead of people splitting off into different groups and scattering all over your yard, a tent encourages your guests to stay together in one spot.

At W Production Group our goal is to make your audience experience the most visually stunning production that is sure to leave a long-lasting impression for your viewers. Our company culture is simple. We love helping people while doing what we are most passionate about. Full service rentals and production.

Our production team has years of experience operating a full spectrum of event types in many different environments, from traditional hotel ballrooms and convention center environments to highway tunnels, open fields and urban streets. We have worked with Fortune 500 corporate clients, sports agencies, and private celebrities to execute meetings and conferences, trade shows, national brand product launches, fashion shows, concerts, non-profit gala fundraisers and exclusive private functions. We provide our clients with the most client-centric focused technical team of professionals who have seen it all.  Bringing this level of experience to your live event always delivers a lasting impression with your guests.

Tents & Structures

We offer a wide range of tent sizes & options. Our sales team can help you choose the size & style that is best-suited to your event & its location.

Need Tents & Structures for your next show? We’ve got you covered!

Experienced production workers install W Production tents quickly, efficiently and securely.

No One Does Staging Better

The W Production Group plans and install staging installations of all sizes and configurations, featuring Wenger Vision Staging products.

A Jaw-dropping Production Experience

Presenting a powerful staging design, with just the right lighting colors and angles to enhance presenters and décor on stage, will maximize the impact of your program!
Corporate Entertainment

Event Production

From the traditional hotel ballroom and convention center environments to unconventional; we have won numerous national awards and testimonials.

Our goal is to leave a lasting impression.

We take pride in our results. If you have an event, no matter what kind, contact us.

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We supply event equipment rentals for a wide range of markets, private events, backyard parties, resort weddings, black tie events, golf tournaments, festivals, destination weddings, fundraisers, private venues, weddings, theater, live music, exhibits,corporate events, Incentive meetings, fundraisers, charity events, private parties.


We maximize the results of your event with:

  • Creative and technical resources

  • Our highly-trained and professional staff

  • Cutting-edge equipment

We are sure to deliver the best experience you can find in a production company. Read what our clients have to say.


In addition to high quality staging, structures & tents, WPG offer's a large inventory of event support products & accessories at our warehouse.

Gear and equipment is the lifeblood of our event operations!

If you need it, we can get it. Ask us.

State of the Art Lighting

We love anything that has lights and sound! Put your event on the map when your performance is emphasized with cutting-edge lighting.

Maximize the Impact of your Program

From state of the art lighting to Soft Led Curtains, we have the lighting to make you look your best!

Management & Planning

From concept through completion our team works with you to plan and produce a successful, seamless and memorable event.

The Show of a Lifetime

We’ve helped craft many unforgettable, expectation-shattering event experiences. Let W Production Group guide you to success by putting on the show of a lifetime.

The W Production team committed to service and to the complete satisfaction of our clients sales, operations and production staff work together to ensure that every event is completed on time and on budget.

We plan and install staging installations of all sizes and configurations, featuring high end Staging products. Our Staging is flexible, sturdy and efficient to install. It is the gold standard in the staging industry and WPG provides it at a highly affordable price.

We can provide everything from ADA ramps, fine linen & table rentals to pipe and drape rentals and temporary staging and dance floors.